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AboutChuck Tomlin

Chuck has been identified as a cutting edge coach for his tennis observations, analytics, and instructional innovations.  Drawing on his military experience in aviation tactics, he started writing the USTA in the 1990s, but they never responded as he developed a new way of charting matches that was years ahead of it's time. Over a decade ago, he was contacted by John Carpenter doing research on Chuck's observations & innovative "Instruction". Only now are they starting to be vindicated by outside research, such as an Aug 24, 2018 USPTA article supporting his concepts that were formerly missed entirely by most tennis experts.  With this and other recent findings, coaches around the world are starting to give his work more attention.  


Currently working to develop the Advanced Tennis Foundation with several world class coaches, he consults and trains high performance players.  Back in 2007, he designed Smart Target Tennis Tactics along with a coordinated analytics to integrate match play results into a new instructional paradigm that simplifies tennis tactics. His success in developing new instructional strategies would result in his being one of the three featured coaching pioneers in the 2018 upcoming e-book:  "The Real History of US Tennis Instruction:  How the Eyes Couldn’t See What the Mind Didn’t Know."  Chuck's efforts and claims on internet forums fell on mostly deaf ears until the core of his theory was validated when ESPN awarded GIG of Tennis Australia it's sports analytics award in Oct 2016 and much of that "surprising data" (why the rally ball is more important than winners, why a WTA player can outhit every male ATP top player in average forehand speed but one) matched many of Tomlin's claims from a decade prior.  Chuck and his partner are now preparing to publish work on the Advanced Tennis Foundation using  Unified Tennis Theory as a process to test data. They believe this can simplify tennis instruction and make the game more accessible to more players than ever before.  


Chuck started serious tennis coaching with his first son, traveling to Evert, Van Der Meer, Macci and Bollettieri in search of better ideas. He coached his first son and daughter both to D1 scholarships. Chuck has worked with top level players and is credited for developing one of the biggest servers in college tennis ever.  His simple method of teaching tactics and strategy, while easily understood by the student, allows parents, coaches and players to dig deeper into the inner workings of how a point is constructed and won.


Captain and #1 for high school tennis team while lettering in six sports.  Football captain playing both ways winning many awards and setting records.  Recruited for college tennis, football, and baseball, but decided to go with football at Auburn University.  Was a weight lifting instructor for World Strongest Man, Bill Kazmaier, when he was recruited for Naval Aviation as a Carrier Pilot.   Founding Director & Lead CRM Instructor US Navy Test Pilot Center, selected as Blue Angel Liaison, Black Belt Instructor, & Upon leaving the Navy he flew as a Military contractor, conducting tactics training with USAF Fighter Weapons school, the Air National Guard, and NATO fighter pilots around the world. Also an ATP Type rated International Airline Captain on B757/767.  

Chuck Tomlin

Coach Chuck began working with my daughter Mackenzie Oliver in 2014. Under his guidance, she has learned that tennis is more than just hitting the tennis ball. He is the first coach to introduce her to the Smart Targets, and it has been priceless.  His coaching technique and tennis philosophy has had a positive impact on our daughter and made her a better tennis player.  Mia Oliver

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