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My 4 year old Noah and 8 year old Leah have been taking lessons from John for a couple weeks.  The improvement has been incredible.  I could not even anticipate my daughter looking like a pro in such a short time, much less achieving a 144 ball rally in her third lesson.  Watching my 4 year old son look like a little pro makes me feel both children are getting world class coaching at bargain rates. ” Yury Gampel, Calabasas, California.

I tried out for girls tennis at Morrow HS when I realized I needed privates to even have a chance to make the team.  My high school coach was astounded by the instant improvement after a few lessons with Coach C.  Little did I ever imagine I would soon be playing singles as a freshman who had picked up a racket six weeks earlier.  I watch my teammates with far more experience than I have struggle and I wonder why more coaches don’t teach this way because I see the best players, whether pro or high school, all play the way I am being taught. Nancy Chin, Morrow HS, GA

A few minutes with John and the old reliable swing was back!  After explaining to me where power comes from and some basic mechanics of the pro swing I was again hitting topspin forehand winners.  When I would slip back into bad habits, he could easily see what I was doing wrong.  If I still couldn't feel it, he had an easy drill that forced me to feel the swing correctly.  Even though I considered my serve and volley game to be working, John showed me the pro version of the volley and after a few drills I was hitting sharp volleys with pace where before I would have to rely on placement and creativity - now I can have both.  John's strengths are that he is an excellent swing technician for the modern pro style, and he can easily see where it is breaking down and correct it either through instruction, visualization or drills.  Thanks John!    Russ Immel, Alabama

What some happy tennis students say:  
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